Better Selling: Make The MOST

Win more
The Sales Executive Council identifies five components of a world-class sales development program:
1. Training content aligns with corporate goals and strategy.
2. Training targets role-specific skill gaps.
3. Regular coaching sustains and builds on gains from training.
4. Certification requires demonstrated performance.
5. Success metrics are tied to business outcomes.

We leave the first two up to you - choose us if we fit your needs.

MTM delivers to the last three criteria: we offer an additional coaching component (at no extra charge) when the MTM course is training sales managers; we test and certify course attendees; and we defer billing 20% of our fee until you have achieved a 10% increase in sales revenue! We are that confident of the results you will achieve by employing Make The MOST™.

    Make The MOST™ is a sales tool for opportunity selling.
    It provides a pragmatic approach to selecting opportunities in which to invest your efforts.

    You will concentrate on the winnable opportunities, lifting your win rate.

    The Better Selling training wraps that tool in a best-practice sales lifecycle.
    It makes sure you are addressing all steps in the sales process and all the main issues along the way.

    You will improve sales skills and professionalism, lifting your win rate even further.

spectrum from transactional to account selling
If each one of your sales is a campaign, that is if it takes time and effort to make it happen, then this method is for you. If each sale happens in one transaction (e.g. a shop, or telephone selling) then MTM is not for you. If your sales are at the other extreme, if you have a small number of accounts with whom you maintain a relationship and make a series of deals, then MTM is useful as one part of your preferred account management system - MTM will help you to run those deals but it won't do the whole account management for you.

If you are selling, MTM looks at each opportunity in your portfolio and assesses it hard, realistically, pragmatically. It compares each deal to others. By looking at a dashboard across all your opportunities you can make the hard calls about where to put your efforts, and where to qualify out. By focusing on the most winnable deals you will lift your success rate and reduce your cost of sale - when you do need resource you'll have no trouble getting it. So you can Make the MOST.

If you are a sales manager, you'll have worked out by now that such a tool is equally useful to you. You can assess each of your team's book of business. And you can assess your own portfolio across the whole team. Make The MOST of your sales team. Help prevent APER, attempted percussive equine resurrection *
* that's "flogging a dead horse"

At the heart of MTM is a simple tool, the Make The MOST™ Opportunity Dashboard (which we created), included with the training. It uses MS-Excel. No software to buy and install. We include a MTM User Guide on how it works and how to use it.

Our Better Selling: Make The MOST™ training course builds on the MTM tool to teach you a full methodology for opportunity selling. .

Currently EnGrok™ Better Selling two- or three-day training courses are provided anywhere in New Zealand. Remember 20% of the fee is deferred until you achieve a 10% increase in sales revenue!

The course covers

  • Prospecting
  • Pipeline
  • Portfolio
  • Qualification
  • Competition
  • Close
  • Delivery
  • Coaching (optional)